Social Media Funnels

We Design and Implement Powerful Social Media Lead Generation Funnels

(Click the image below to view the full-size infographic.) Social Media Lead Generation FunnelSocial media has transformed the way businesses interact with customers and generate sales leads. The massive growth of social content and marketing tools is a major challenge for businesses to navigate.

We help you implement powerful lead-generating social media campaigns without wasting money or getting bogged down in technical details.

We use the following process with our clients:

What Are Your Social Media Campaign Goals?

We help design and match your campaign goals with your audience, offerings and social media networks.

Social media is fundamentally different than other marketing tools.  For example:

Social media interactions tend to occur much earlier in the “awareness” stage of the sales process.  The messaging and content you use should reflect your specific campaign goals.

Social media is inherently non-linear.  Followers, prospects and customers may interact with you and each other at the same time, at any stage in the sales cycle.

Social sharing can spread your message rapidly and cheaply.  Tapping into this “viral effect” is crucial to social media campaign success.

Social media interactions tend to occur far more on mobile devices than desktop.  Your campaign goals must take mobile into account.

We work with you to craft clear goals for your social media campaigns.  We research and identify your audience(s), where they are in your sales process, the social networks they use and the results you want to achieve.  This ensures your valuable time and resources are spent growing your business, not creating ineffective content that misses the mark.

What Does Your Community Respond To?

We help you deeply understand your customers and craft social media campaigns that use relevant psychological triggers.

Do you truly know your social audience and what drives them?  What content do they share with each other?  Do they prefer video or textual content?  What words, terms or slang do they use?  What are their pains and fears?

The highly interactive nature of social media requires an intimate knowledge of the psychology and language of your community.  Without engaging your prospects at a fundamental level, your social media campaigns will generate only a fraction of their potential value.

We help craft social media campaigns using audience-specific psychological triggers that literally compel action.  This approach converts your social followers into profitable customers and advocates of your business.

What Social Networks Do Your Prospects and Customers Use?

We identify where your best prospects interact and craft campaigns that leverage the strengths of each social network.

Do you know where your most profitable prospects and customers actually spend their social media time?  Do you know what they do and say there?  Do you know which social media networks drive your website traffic?

Most businesses never research what social networks their best customers use, or implement automated tools to track their social footprint.  Your social media lead generation efforts may be missing your business “sweet spot” by a wide margin.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+ are fundamentally different. Simply repeating the same content on five different networks is a common but ineffective strategy.

We help you optimize your time and resources spent on social media by delivering the right messages to the right social network.

What Actions or Results Do You Want?

We help you define and drive desired social results using action paths and trigger sequences.

Unless you clearly define the actions you want from a social media campaign, you cannot measure how effective you are.  More importantly, you cannot know whether your investment in time and money is generating desired results.

We use clear “action paths” to define expected behavior flows.  We implement tracking analytics to measure each step of the process, and A/B testing to optimize your message sequences.  This area of social media marketing causes significant confusion for most businesses.  We know how to create and manage action-oriented social media lead generation funnels for maximum success.

What Then? How Do You Engage Your Prospects and Followers?

We implement the most optimum tactics and tools for your audience, social networks, goals and desired actions.

We focus on one question at this stage:  What message(s) create the most social impact that results in the largest number of potential customers taking your desired action?

The approaches we use vary, depending on whether you intend to create brand, issue or topic awareness, educate, provide customer support, or drive traffic to a webinar or other lead magnet.

We help you engage your customers with the most effective messages, trigger viral sharing, push them to lead magnets and drive them to join your other channels.  This creates a self-driving dynamic of increasing brand and sales message exposure.

Our Continuous Social Engagement Model

We create Social Media Funnels with long-term customer engagement and revenues in mind.  

Your prospects and customers are continuously exposed to information and sales pitches.  If you do not provide true value to your social followers, using the messages and networks they prefer, then you risk losing them to your competition.  If you provide them continuous value they will stay with you for years, creating multiple revenue-generating opportunities.

We continuously test and optimize different variations across your entire Social Media Funnel to achieve the highest possible success rates. This ensures that your warm leads “ascend” from the “early awareness” stage to become valuable long term customers.

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