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FunnelProfit offers Co-Branding Partner and Business Opportunity Partner programs that let you earn significant revenue selling our LinkedIn Lead Generation Service.

Co-Branding Partner ProgamCo-Branding Partner Program

Our Co-Branding Partner Program allows you to purchase our LinkedIn Inbound Sales Service at wholesale and sell at a markup to your clients.  You retain the customer relationship and co-brand the service with FunnelProfit.

You can earn 60-70% profit margin for the lifetime of your clients.

How It Works:

  1. You market the service to potential customers (we provide co-branded marketing materials)
  2. Your customer purchases the service from you
  3. You purchase the service from FunnelProfit
  4. We deliver the service
  5. You maintain the client relationship

You sell, collect the customer’s money, then purchase the service from us.  This minimizes risk and maximizes profits for you.

We can help close the sale, acting as your “solution delivery expert” on phone calls, webinars, etc.  You maintain the primary relationship with your client before and after the sale.

Our Co-Branding program is ideal for agencies, business consultants, sales trainers, coaches and sales enablement firms offering complementary products and services.

To qualify for our Co-Branding Partner Program you must:

  • Directly sell your own products or services (you may also be a reseller or agency, but pure resellers do not qualify), and
  • Have an established B2B clientele

Digital Marketing Funnels - FunnelProfit.comBusiness Opportunity Partner Program

Our Business Opportunity Partner Program provides a turnkey business platform to launch and run your own FunnelProfit LinkedIn marketing agency.  You sell our LinkedIn Lead Generation Services under the FunnelProfit brand and manage your clients. Our trained experts deliver the service.

You earn a 25% revenue share for the lifetime of the clients you bring in.

How It Works:

  1. You market the service to potential customers as a FunnelProfit Partner (we provide you with FunnelProfit-branded marketing materials, email, web page, payment system with tracking links, etc.)
  2. Your customer purchases the service from FunnelProfit
  3. FunnelProfit delivers the service
  4. You maintain the client relationship

Our Business Opportunity Partner Program includes:

  • A complete training and coaching program to teach you how to launch and run your own FunnelProfit agency business
  • A comprehensive “business in a box” including all software, systems, marketing materials, templates, contracts, and trained experts to sell and deliver LinkedIn Lead Generation Services to clients
  • A proven marketing and sales system to quickly attract and close high-value clients
  • 25% lifetime revenue share on all client sales you make
  • Unlimited revenue potential

Our Business Opportunity program is ideal for people looking to launch their own marketing and sales acceleration agency. Our comprehensive “business in a box” system eliminates 80% of the time, expense and effort of launching an agency from scratch.  You start on day 1 with a proven business system that accelerates your time-to-revenue and dramatically reduces your startup period and financial risk.

To qualify for our Business Opportunity Partner Program you must:

  • Have a minimum of 3-5 years of business experience, and
  • Be focused on establishing your own business and B2B clientele

Partner Portal

We use Infusionsoft’s Referral Partners platform to manage our Partner program.  You get a secure login with 24/7/365 access to your account information, marketing materials, sales tools and commission reports.

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