LinkedIn Lead Generation Services

We Generate Qualified Sales Leads From LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an ideal B2B sales and marketing platform used by millions of professionals each day. We significantly increase the quantity and quality of your incoming B2B LinkedIn sales leads and discovery calls with our LinkedIn Lead Generation services.  You benefit with greater sales productivity, shorter sales cycles, higher revenue per sale and faster business growth.

These are comprehensive “done for you” LinkedIn lead generation + call scheduling services that:

  • Deliver qualified sales leads and discovery calls
  • Include a clear performance guarantee (we refuse to charge for leads that don’t turn into discovery calls)
  • Optimize your key employee profiles to present a strong value proposition to potential buyers
  • Drive your profile views up by 3-10X
  • Build your network with thousands of ideal target customers
  • Warm up prospects with useful content
  • Require minimal time and effort from you

We take a “white glove” approach to B2B lead generation that delivers value first, before leading prospects down the sales engagement path.  Our approach generates warm targeted leads and discovery calls from LinkedIn while building your reputation as a market authority.

You get a dedicated Account Manager who learns your business and runs a structured LinkedIn and outreach process for you. Once a connection is made on LinkedIn, we reach out personally by phone and/or email to schedule a discovery call for you.   This “bridges the gap” between LinkedIn and getting actual discovery calls with qualified prospects.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Our LinkedIn Lead Generation Service works best for B2B companies with a customer value of USD $25k+.  It is not suited to low value or B2C offerings.  

Step 1: LinkedIn Profile Optimization, Network Building & Engagement

Our LinkedIn Lead Generation Service begins by optimizing your LinkedIn profile to present the best value proposition. We then develop hyper-targeted Advanced Searches and send connection invitations to ideal target customers. As we build your network with new prospects, we engage them with “social currency” actions such as content likes and endorsements.

LinkedIn Lead Generation Stage 1

This process drives up your profile views by 3-10X, quickly moves you up the search rankings, grows your network with thousands of potential buyers, and generates warm incoming business inquiries.

Step 2: Content Sharing Message

After connecting with your ideal target prospects, we send a direct personalized message with a link to a helpful article. We write this article for you and publish it on your LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn lead generation - content sharing message

Sharing this article directly with new prospects “leads with value”. It educates your prospect, establishes trust and provides an opportunity decide if you are worth speaking to. It also pre-qualifies leads based on their interest level. Interested prospects will often comment and share your article on LinkedIn, which drives more traffic to your profile. New prospects may reach out to you directly after reading your article.

Step 3: Direct Outreach / Call Scheduling

We then reach out by email and/or telephone to the best prospects and schedule discovery calls for you. We reference your LinkedIn connection and article, then schedule the call directly in your calendar (or send a calendar invite that matches the parties’ open time slots). We email you a short brief about the prospect prior to the call. You call the prospect at the agreed time and progress the sales opportunity after that.

This process creates a flow of high-quality discovery calls and builds your sales pipeline with minimal effort from you.

BE CAREFUL!  Competing services offering cheap “lead generation services” typically scrape LinkedIn and deliver very low quality leads that you must personally chase to land a discovery call. You DO NOT want poorly paid individuals representing your firm, spamming your prospects or scraping LinkedIn.  Our team is 100% based in the United States and Canada, we learn your business and value proposition, and we represent you with the utmost care.  The sales leads we deliver are properly warmed up, then we go the extra step and schedule initial discovery calls for you.  This saves you tremendous time and effort chasing prospects (sometimes 5-10 attempts!) to get a discovery call.  If you’re comparing service providers, consider that this one step will save you hundreds of hours of wasted effort and guarantee you’re having real conversations with the right prospects. 

We Guarantee Call Counts

LinkedIn has evolved very quickly in the last few years.  Today the LinkedIn message stream is cluttered with spam and useless sales messages.  Decision makers have no time for this and are not responding to discovery call messages on LinkedIn like they used to. We have seen response rates drop from 10-12% to 1-3% due to the flood of messages from low quality service providers.

We guarantee a specific number of actual discovery calls to our clients.  If we don’t deliver the promised call counts we refund you on a pro-rata basis.  Anything less is a waste of your time.  LinkedIn is an excellent channel to use for targeting, but getting actual results means taking the extra step for our clients.

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How Much is This Worth To My Business?

Use the calculator below to discover the dollar value of EACH new customer it brings in.

When you do the math it’s easy to understand the true value of attracting and converting more prospects into customers from LinkedIn.

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