Website Lead Capture Service

We Generate B2B Sales Leads From Your Website

The Internet is full of potential B2B customers for your business.  The challenge lies in targeting, attracting and converting enough prospects into qualified sales leads for a reasonable cost.

Our Website Lead Capture Service solves this challenge by creating a consistent flow of new B2B sales leads for your business with minimal effort on your part. It works 24 hours a day, 365 days per year on autopilot so you can focus on closing sales.

This turnkey “done for you” service integrates four elements into a seamless lead generation package:

  • A targeted ad campaign to drive incoming sales prospects
  • A compelling “lead magnet” offer
  • High-converting lead capture webpage
  • An automated email follow-up campaign

No website development is required. Our approach eliminates spending money on poorly targeted leads or a cobbled-together lead generation funnel.

How It Works

  • 1

    We build you a custom lead capture webpage and use targeted ads to drive high quality traffic to it.

    The ad channels we use are optimized for your target customers and market: Geo-Targeting Ads, Google AdWords, LinkedIn Ads, Facebook Ads, or contextual ad networks.

  • 2

    We deliver a valuable and relevant lead magnet in exchange for the prospect's name, email and/or telephone number.

    We create a custom PDF, white paper, how-to guide, survey, video, digital file, discount, webinar or other "lead magnet" that visitors opt-in to receive in exchange for their contact information. This includes built-in triggers to get your prospects to schedule a call or appointment.

  • 3

    We re-engage prospects with a compelling email follow-up sequence.

    After signing up, an automated email campaign delivers the promised information and encourages prospects to call, visit or make an appointment. We use hidden triggers in the follow-up sequence that significantly increase response rates.

  • 4

    Prospects take your desired action (call, book appointment, visit, purchase, subscribe, watch a webinar, etc.)

    The engagement process gives prospects a compelling reason to take the next step in your buying process. A high percentage of prospects convert to customers, generating long term business value.


Properly Attract, Engage and Warm Up Customers for Your Sales Funnel

Our Website Lead Capture Service prepares potential customers to become buyers before they hit your sales funnel.

Few websites (or lead capture pages for that matter) offer a compelling reason for prospective customers to engage and take the next step.  Focusing on marketing speak instead of business value creates “sales leakage”…visitors that could have become customers fail to respond and wander off, taking your future profits (and your ad spend) with them.

We solve this “sales leakage” problem by:

  • Attracting the right prospects with effective ad targeting
  • Giving them a compelling reason to engage and convert when they arrive at your site
  • Capturing their information in exchange for a relevant, useful, high value offer
  • Following up multiple times via email (delivering further value along the way) to get prospects to initiate the next step

The key to our engagement process is adding true value.  This requires:  1) speaking the customer’s language clearly, and 2) helping them solve a business pain, or providing a significant tangible benefit in terms of money, time or reputation.

If you do this, you’re far more likely to turn leads into buyers. Any other approach simply loses money.

How Much is This Worth To My Business?

Your business benefits from:

  • More efficient advertising spend
  • Higher lead conversion rates
  • A self-qualifying prospect list that continually grows
  • An approach that “warms up” prospects by giving them a tangible benefit
  • A proven follow-up sequence to encourage prospects to take your desired next step
  • A reason for prospects to buy from you instead of your competition

Use the calculator below to discover the dollar value of EACH new customer it brings in.

When you do the math it’s easy to understand the true value of attracting and converting more prospects into customers.

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