Free Infusionsoft Performance Evaluation

Infusionsoft Performance Evaluation

Free Infusionsoft Performance EvaluationOur FREE Infusionsoft Performance Evaluation is ideal for companies using Infusionsoft who want to improve their overall marketing and sales performance.

We do this with you by live screen share so you get the most benefit in the shortest amount of time. 

The evaluation takes about 30 minutes and can significantly increase the ROI you get from Infusionsoft.

How It Works

1) You login to Infusionsoft and share your screen with our Infusionsoft expert. There is no need to give us access to your Infusionsoft app and your information is kept 100% confidential.

2) We evaluate the items below LIVE in front of you using the latest Infusionsoft Best Practices and our experience of what works and doesn’t from a business standpoint. This process takes 30 minutes or so.

3) We give you a clear game plan, focusing on high-impact opportunities to grow your business. This helps fix the holes in your Infusionsoft strategy and gives you immediate business value.

What’s Included in Your Performance Evaluation?

  • Infusionsoft Best Practices
  • User setup and access
  • Company records
  • Contact records
  • Email templates and signatures
  • Data Quality and Completeness
  • Tags and Categories
  • Campaign Design
  • Sales Pipeline design
  • Email opens, clicks and conversions
  • Web Forms
  • Engagement rate % and Timing
  • List Segmentation
  • Campaign Sequence traps
  • Newsletters
  • Email quality, quantity and timing
  • Analytics and tracking
  • Lead Sources
  • Lead Scoring
  • Dashboard and Widgets
  • Opportunities
  • Referral Partners
  • E-Commerce
  • CustomerHub
  • Custom Fields
  • Workflows
  • Goals, Tasks and Notes
  • Action Sets
  • Gap analysis
  • Optimization

Better Infusionsoft Strategy = Increased Sales

Implementing our Infusionsoft recommendations can significantly boost your marketing ROI
by eliminating gaps and barriers to successful selling.

Clients who implement our recommendations typically see higher prospect
engagement and improved sales growth

Schedule Your Free Infusionsoft Performance Evaluation

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