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Targeted Content Campaigns That Drive Sales Conversations

Digital Content Services - FunnelProfit.comYour prospects and customers need (and expect) informative and educational content before they commit to engaging with your sales team and buying your products or services.

We run sales-driven content campaigns that “lead with value” and warm up targeted prospects before taking the next step in the sales conversation.

The content we share is highly relevant to your customers’ needs and delivered directly to them at the right time and frequency.  We work with you to create content pieces that deliver real value to your prospects.  This establishes your company’s leadership, and typically results in much warmer discovery calls.

You gain higher credibility, authority and trust from your prospects.  Prospects who engage with your content are more likely to view you as a partner to solve their needs, rather than just another vendor.  This differentiates you from your competition and creates long term strategic advantage.

How Content Leads to Warm Sales Conversations

We utilize “deep content” such as webinars, strategy papers, microsites, case studies and industry surveys as a first step in outbound sales campaigns.  Contacting new prospects with an offer to share valuable information that can help their business automatically lowers the barrier to an initial conversation.

After reading your content (particularly if it delivers substantial value) prospects are more likely to agree to a discovery call.  If the prospect does not respond to an initial content offer, this indicates minimal interest.  By leading with tangible thought leadership, we nurture interested prospects and filter out those that lack interest. This helps you to concentrate on potential customers who actually demonstrate interest.

The key to success with content-driven sales campaigns is to deliver significant tangible value up front.  Fluffy, self-serving “white papers” that are thinly disguised marketing pieces are counter-productive.  They don’t add substantial value and are just another distraction — hardly the way you want to present your solutions.  If you truly educate potential customers it creates credibility and trust, and quickly takes the conversation into “solution discovery”.

There are additional benefits of using digital content as an intrinsic part of sales campaigns:

  • The content can be repurposed for inbound content marketing, lead generation, SEO and brand recogntion
  • High-quality content builds equity for your company
  • Digital content is often shared by email, on social media and by word of mouth, driving further “second order” value
  • Establishes your authority and credibility by communicating unique and valuable information
  • Increases targeted prospect engagement by sending them the right message at the right time
  • Converts sales leads into customers by supporting your sales team as a prospect moves through your pipeline
  • Generates high ROI — content generation and distribution is an investment that continues to engage prospects and market your company online as long as it exists on the Internet

Our Sales Content Services

LinkedIn Content Service
We create, publish and distribute high-quality custom content on LinkedIn for your business. This includes Articles, Posts, Updates, SlideShare decks and Webinars. LinkedIn is the #1 channel for content marketing to high-value B2B prospects. We interview your team to capture their knowledge, then translate that into unique content. We curate quality third-party blog posts and articles, creating custom content pools that we post to your LinkedIn Updates stream. This content attracts, engages and generates qualified sales leads for your business. Learn more >

Landing Pages
We design, create and optimize high-conversion landing pages to capture leads and build your email list. We write compelling headlines and copy that uses your ideal prospect’s emotional buying triggers to increase conversion rate. Our designs focus on driving visitor flow toward the desired Call To Action. We string together multiple landing pages into up-sell and cross-sell funnels with valuable bonuses to ascend prospects and increase your customer value. Learn more >

Copywriting Services
Our Copywriting Services provide you with tightly written, persuasive copy that is night and day in terms of reader engagement. We use highly effective storytelling techniques and emotional triggers to engage your sales prospects and connect their challenges and pains with your solution.  This puts them into an ideal “buying mindset” and converts them into long term customers. Our “write it right the first time” copywriting services help free your time so you can focus on building your business!  Learn more >

Webinar Services
We are experts in implementing high-converting webinars that convert prospects to qualified leads and customers. We can drive your webinars invitees from email, phone, LinkedIn, Google, Facebook, Twitter, blogs and other sources. We install and setup your webinar platform, help you create high-performing webinars with proven templates, and implement post-webinar follow up campaigns.  We can also integrate your webinar platform with your CRM and marketing automation software to eliminate manual data transfer and accelerate your lead-to-sales engagement process.

Content Is an Investment

We only create digital content that is “investment grade” and distribute it to highly targeted ideal customers. Our experts work with you to generate only the highest quality, unique content that reflects your brand, knowledge and expertise.  Quality content is an equity investment in your intellectual property that drives continuous value in the form of more customers, greater brand recognition and faster business growth.

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