B2B Lead Generation Channel Stacking Strategy

B2B Lead Generation – Stacking Channels to Drive Highly Targeted Sales Appointments

In this article we’re going to share a strategy framework we use with our clients to execute successful B2B lead generation campaigns. We call this “channel stacking” and the purpose is to leverage multiple targeted channels to reach decision-makers. Before we go into the “How” let’s spend some time talking about the “What” and “Why”.[…]

Fashion Sales Growth

How Fashion Salespeople Can Succeed in Changing Times

As consumer habits change, so does the fashion industry. With the changing times, the traditional sales model is not as effective as it once was. Salespeople in the fashion industry must find ways to evolve and generate sales growth or risk losing business. I recently spoke with two senior fashion salespeople with over 25 years[…]

B2B Lead Generation Services

B2B Lead Generation Services: How NOT to Blow Your Money

There are a lot of B2B lead generation services out there. Unfortunately, many providers don’t deliver what they promise. If you’re in the market for B2B lead generation for your company, here are some valuable tips on selecting the right service provider. #1 Do They Actually Execute the Calls (or emails or voicemails)? This is[…]

How to Search & Find LinkedIn Groups (NEW LinkedIn Layout)

Finding and joining LinkedIn Groups suddenly got very confusing with LinkedIn’s latest UI updates.  Why not just put a search function on the Groups page? Arrgghhh. Luckily there’s a solution. Here’s how to search, find and join new LinkedIn Groups using the new-look LinkedIn layout (as of March 2018). How NOT to Find New LinkedIn Groups (well[…]

Email Lead Generation Expert

How Email Lead Generation Experts Turned Four Mediocre Efforts Into Winners

Across the board, leading marketers point to email as a top driver of lead generation, even ahead of search engine optimization and social media tactics. By following outbound email best practices — such as smart list segmentation, thorough A/B testing, customized personalization and so on — companies can boost the impact of their email efforts[…]

Email Lead Generation Help

Getting Email Lead Generation Help: How to Eliminate These Top 4 Email Marketing Mistakes

While outbound email continues to be one of the most effective tools for lead generation, without solid help with your email lead generation program, there can be a lot of pitfalls.  By engaging a professional for your outbound campaigns, you’ll spend more time selling and less time learning how to become an email spam expert.  With ever-changing[…]

Email Lead Generation Service

Email Lead Generation 101: Why You Need an Email Lead Gen Service to Fill Your Sales Funnel

Despite the fact that email is the “old dog” of the digital marketing world, it continues to be one of the most effective channels for B2B lead generation and one that has more than stood the test of time. As of last year, there were an estimated 3.7 billion email accounts worldwide and an astounding[…]

LinkedIn Lead Generation Agency

Is Your LinkedIn Lead Generation Agency Helping or Hurting?

So, you’ve found your LinkedIn lead generation guru and all systems are go with your well-planned lead gen program — what’s next? Scrupulous monitoring of your LinkedIn efforts are imperative not only in terms of creating a steady flow of incoming leads, but also in terms of ensuring the best possible return on LinkedIn lead[…]

LinkedIn Lead Generation Help

How to Tell If You Need LinkedIn Lead Generation Help (and Where to Find It)

They say that asking for help is the hardest step — but also the most important — in overcoming obstacles. And that sentiment rings especially true in the world of LinkedIn lead generation. You may think to yourself, “I’m smart and social media savvy. I can do this on my own!” (The DIY Trap). Or,[…]