Voicemail Lead Generation Service

Drive Incoming Qualified B2B Phone Inquiries

VoicemailPro-logo-redyell-300Cold calling has been used for B2B sales prospecting for over 50 years. But cold calling has major problems:

  • Getting your prospect on the phone requires endless failed attempts
  • It’s time-consuming and expensive
  • It creates a poor prospect experience

Our VoicemailPRO™ Lead Generation Service eliminates these problems by sending a personal voice mail directly to the voice mailbox of your prospect’s mobile phone.

A New Sales Paradigm:  Reverse Cold Calling

The ideal sales situation occurs when a qualified prospect calls you. Our VoicemailPRO™ Lead Generation Service does this by creating a dynamic we call “reverse cold calling”™.

Instead of calling prospects at an inopportune time out of the blue, then determining if the prospect is interested, the sequence is reversed.  You drop descriptive voicemails in your prospects’ inboxes, and interested prospects return your calls. You only speak with warm leads who already know what the call is about and have initiated the conversation at a time which is convenient for them.

This immediately turns your sales conversations from “cold outbound” to “warm inbound”.

The prospect never receives a call on his or her mobile phone — your voicemail is “dropped” directly in the voicemail system using patented technology.  There are NO “robo calls” made.  The process and technology are 100% TCPA, FCC And CRTC Compliant.

Sending voicemails is an inbound strategy similar to running a hyper-targeted ad with responses routed directly to your sales team.  There is no wasted time, no annoyed prospects and much higher quality sales calls.

How It Works

  • 1

    We build you a custom list of mobile numbers that match your targeting criteria.

    We use several high quality sources for this. The list size (and number of calls) is scalable from 100 to 10,000+ according to your target market. We can include your internal prospect call list.

  • 2

    You record a personal voicemail using a script we provide.

    We include relevant information to filter out non-buyers and trigger the right prospects to call back. This pre-qualifies prospects before they call you. Our goal is quality over quantity -- we seek to avoid "curiosity calls" that cost your sales team time.

  • 3

    We "drop" your recorded voicemail to the mobile numbers on your target list.

    We can adjust the volume and frequency of voicemail drops to match your desired call flow. We A/B test different voicemail scripts to optimize response rates.

  • 4

    You receive inbound warm inquiry calls about your product or service.

    We prepare you with scenario responses so you don't get caught off-guard and can field calls smoothly.

We can integrate our VoicemailPRO™ Service with our LinkedPRO™ LinkedIn Lead Generation Service to hyper-target your voicemails and generate more calls your LinkedIn network.

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