Marketing Automation Services

We Automate Your Marketing and Sales Processes

Marketing Automation Services - FunnelProfit.comWe use a combination of modern technology, high quality content and expert strategy to automate your digital marketing and sales pipeline processes.

Our goal is to create an automated “money making machine” for your business (or something close to it).  We implement hands-off, always running systems that capture, engage, convert, sell and re-sell customers to generate significant positive cash flows.

Most importantly, we guarantee our results.  If you don’t gain significant efficiencies and increased sales conversions, we will return your money.

What Marketing Automation Can Do For Your Business

  • Generate high quality sales leads from online sources (ads, web, social, e-commerce)
  • Capture leads with high-converting lead magnets and landing pages
  • Automatically build lead lists in your CRM
  • Engage leads with automated email, social media and direct mail
  • Segment your prospect and customer lists with “if-then” behavioral campaigns (enabling you to offer the right product or service at the right time to the right prospects)
  • Convert prospects into sales using relevant offers and purchase triggers (either 100% online or in conjunction with your sales team with online / offline components)
  • Up-sell and cross-sell your existing customers to increase Lifetime Customer Value
  • Automate your sales pipeline and processes to increase conversions and reduce inefficiency.

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FunnelProfit Infusionsoft ServicesInfusionsoft Services

As an Infusionsoft Certified Partner, we install, configure and implement highly effective Infusionsoft marketing campaigns to increase your sales.   We Whether you are just getting started with Infusionsoft, upgrading from another email provider, or want to integrate Infusionsoft with your social media, video, webinar or direct sales processes, we have a solution for you.  Learn more >


Digital Marketing Funnels - FunnelProfit.comDigital Marketing Funnels

We design, implement and manage both turnkey (aka “done for you”) and custom digital marketing funnels.  Each funnel includes a lead source, lead magnet, landing page, marketing automation setup, behavioral “if-then” marketing campaign, data capture and Google Analytics. Our turnkey marketing funnels are hosted by us so they generate leads 24/7/365 with zero effort from you.  Learn more >


Sales Pipeline Automation - FunnelProfit.comSales Pipeline Automation

We automate sales pipeline processes.  This boosts your sales team’s productivity and reduces the number of leads that “fall through the cracks.”  No more forgetting to send follow-up emails, sending a brochure days (or weeks) late, copy-pasting contact info into proposals, scanning/emailing PDFs for signature, moving leads into the right pipeline stage, logging calls, etc.  Sales pipeline automation can save thousands of hours a year and let your team focus on selling.