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We Generate Qualified Sales Leads From LinkedIn

LinkedPro-logo-bluyell-250LinkedIn is an ideal B2B sales and marketing platform used by millions of professionals each day. We significantly increase the quantity and quality of your incoming B2B LinkedIn sales leads with our LinkedPRO™ LinkedIn Lead Generation services.  You benefit with greater sales productivity, shorter sales cycles, higher revenue per sale and faster business growth.

These are turnkey “done for you” LinkedIn services.  Each service can be used separately to supplement your sales team’s efforts, or to add a new sales channel to your business.  These sales acceleration services can literally transform your sales performance and business growth.  It’s similar to doubling or tripling the size of your sales team at a fraction of the cost.

Important Note:  Our LinkedPRO™ LinkedIn Lead Generation Services work best for B2B companies with a customer value of $25k+ and a dedicated sales function (either a direct sales team or owners / partners / directors).  It is not suited to low value transactions or B2C offerings.  

LinkedPRO™ LinkedIn Inbound Sales Service

Turn LinkedIn Into an Lead Generation Engine

LinkedIn Engagement RankingOur LinkedPRO™ LinkedIn Inbound Sales Service is a comprehensive “done for you” service that:

  • Drives your profile traffic up by 3-10X
  • Builds your network with ideal target customers
  • Delivers a steady flow of qualified sales leads
  • Requires minimal time and effort from you

We optimize your profile to present the best value proposition, develop custom hyper-targeted Advanced Searches, drive your profile views up by 3-10X, send connection invitations to ideal target customers, message prospects with discovery call requests, share high quality 3rd-party content updates in your account, and engage with “social currency” actions such as likes and endorsements.

LinkedIn Inbound Sales Service Funnel

Our LinkedIn Inbound Sales Service quickly moves you up the search rankings, grows your network of decision-makers, and helps you dominate your niche on LinkedIn.  We target, engage, pre-qualify and deliver warm qualified leads to you.

Our trained professionals handle it all for you.  You just reach out to new ideal prospects we bring into your network and respond to incoming LinkedIn messages from prospects.

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LinkedPRO™ LinkedIn Content Marketing Service

Publish and Distribute Content to Drive Targeted Leads from LinkedIn

LinkedIn Outbound ProspectingLinkedIn features an amazing array of content engagement channels.  With over 467 million users, 2.1 million LinkedIn Groups, Posts, Articles, Pulse, Company Pages, SlideShare, LinkedIn Messaging, Sales Navigator and more, LinkedIn is perfect for building a content-driven lead generation funnel.

Our LinkedPRO™ LinkedIn Content Marketing Service fills your sales pipeline by targeting, attracting and driving highly targeted leads into your sales funnel with high quality content.

Publishing and distributing your content across LInkedIn’s channels creates a “virtuous cycle” that increases your targeted traffic, builds your credibility, indoctrinates your prospects and drives qualified buyers to your sales team.

LinkedIn Content Marketing Service Flow

LinkedIn is an open sharing platform.  This means you can share content internally on LinkedIn with links to outside landing pages, webinars, videos, Excel files, white papers, ebooks, surveys and much more.  There are few limitations on syndicating content across LinkedIn, allowing you to build a wide content funnel to generate incoming leads.

LinkedIn rewards you for content marketing by boosting your industry rankings and featuring you more prominently in search results.  This drives up your profile views and incoming connection invites from relevant potential buyers — who then consume and share your content, further building your lead generation engine.

Our copywriters create valuable content for you, then we distribute it widely across LinkedIn, reaching thousands of hyper-targeted B2B prospects.

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