LinkedIn Lead Generation Services

We Generate Qualified Sales Leads From LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an ideal B2B sales and marketing platform used by millions of professionals each day. We significantly increase the quantity and quality of your incoming B2B LinkedIn sales leads with our LinkedIn Lead Generation services.  You benefit with greater sales productivity, shorter sales cycles, higher revenue per sale and faster business growth.

These are comprehensive “done for you” LinkedIn services that:

  • Optimize your key employee profiles to present a strong value proposition to potential buyers
  • Drive your team’s profile views up by 3-10X
  • Build your network with thousands of ideal target customers
  • Establish your firm’s authority and credibility as a market leader
  • Deliver qualified sales leads for your team
  • Require minimal time and effort from you

We take a “white glove” approach to B2B lead generation that delivers significant value first, before leading prospects down the sales path.

We use a 3-stage process with a natural progression of engagement.  This process can literally transform your sales performance and business growth.  Our trained professionals handle it all for you.

Important Note:  Our LinkedIn Lead Generation Services work best for B2B companies with a customer value of USD $25k+.  It is not suited to low value or B2C offerings.  

Stage 1: LinkedIn Profile Optimization, Network Building & Engagement

In Stage 1 of our LinkedIn Lead Generation Service we optimize your profile to present the best value proposition, develop hyper-targeted Advanced Searches, send connection invitations to ideal target customers, and engage with “social currency” actions such as likes and endorsements.

LinkedIn Lead Generation Stage 1

Stage 1 drives your profile views up by 3-10X, quickly moves you up the search rankings, grows your network with thousands of potential buyers, and helps your team dominate your company’s market niche on LinkedIn.

Stage 2: LinkedIn Content Publishing, Distribution & Direct Engagement

In Stage 2 of our LinkedIn Lead Generation Service we publish and distribute high-value content to your targeted network of potential buyers that we built in Stage 1.  This includes a combination of custom-created Articles and SlideShares unique to your company, plus good-quality third party blog post Updates.

Sharing valuable and useful content BEFORE engaging prospects in sales conversations acts as a self-selection filter that pre-qualifies leads based on their interest level.  We invite prospects directly to engage with your content, then follow up with those that do using LinkedIn messages to initiate deeper conversations. This significantly increases the quality of your sales pipeline and helps your team focus on the right potential buyers.

LinkedIn Lead Generation Service Stage 2

We produce high-value content for you by:

  • Interviewing your key employees to extract their knowledge
  • Converting this knowledge into valuable LinkedIn Articles and SlideShares
  • Curating a pool of top-quality third party blog posts and articles

This is far more efficient and cost-effective than hiring expensive technical writers to create content from scratch.  It eliminates long editing cycles and saves your executives the pain of becoming content creators.

We then publish and distribute this content widely across LinkedIn, including:

  • Your key employee LinkedIn Profiles
  • LinkedIn Company page
  • LinkedIn Groups
  • Direct Messages to network members
  • SlideShare
  • Team / co-worker sharing
  • Posting to your Updates stream

Finally, we follow up with prospects that engage with your content using LinkedIn direct messages to initiate deeper conversations.  Leading with valuable content increases the response rate from prospects and the likelihood the conversations will turn into downstream sales.

This strategy leverages your unique content to attract and engage targeted traffic, build credibility, indoctrinate prospects and drive qualified buyers into your sales funnel.

NOTE: You can further syndicate and repurpose the custom content we create to your company blog, social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc.) and company marketing materials (brochures, white papers, slide decks, etc.).

Stage 3: LinkedIn Webinar Lead Generation

In Stage 3 of our LinkedIn Lead Generation Service we help you deliver engaging webinars to your LinkedIn network that drive qualified leads to your business development team.

LinkedIn Lead Generation Service Stage 3

Our LinkedIn webinar strategy involves four elements:

  • Delivering high-value webinar content that engages your prospects and establishes your credibility and authority
  • Inviting a large number of ideal prospects to your webinars from your LinkedIn network and content sharing channels
  • Expanding your webinar reach with Sponsored Updates and paid ads
  • Integrating lead capture, CRM and marketing automation on the back end to feed your sales pipeline / CRM and further engage webinar attendees by email

First, we work together with your team to develop a webinar campaign strategy for LinkedIn, including webinar topics, slide deck templates, campaign schedule and webinar content.  This may also include useful bonuses that attendees can download and use during or after the webinar, such as value calculators or PDF guides.

Next (optional) we will help implement your webinar platform and integrate it with your CRM or marketing automation software. This accelerates your lead-to-sales response time and removes the inefficiency of manually downloading data and uploading to your CRM.  It also guarantees your marketing automation software is fed with fully deliverable opt-in emails.

We then create pre-webinar promotional content such as Articles, branded webinar opt-in landing pages, and ad creatives / copy to use in your webinar campaigns.

Next, we invite a large number of target prospects from your network to the webinar.  We repeatedly send direct messages, post announcements, and ask your team members to share the webinar invitation with their networks.

We can also run paid LinkedIn ads to drive more leads to your webinar.  These may include Sponsored Updates, InMails, Display Ads, Dynamic Ads and/or Text Ads.  Paid webinar promotion can significantly increase your lead flow and generate more qualified sales prospects.

How Much is This Worth To My Business?

Your business benefits from:

  • A flow of high-quality B2B sales leads from LinkedIn
  • Building a large first-degree network of ideal customers — an asset which you can repeatedly engage in marketing and sales conversations over time for minimal cost
  • 3-10X increase in targeted traffic from ideal prospects on LinkedIn
  • An approach that “warms up” prospects by giving them tangible value before engaging in sales conversations
  • Creation of high-quality content marketing assets that are syndicated across LinkedIn and create continuous long-term value for branding, education and lead generation
  • A self-qualifying prospect list that continually grows
  • Substantial increases in brand recognition, company and product/service awareness, authority and credibility in your target market
  • Efficient capture and integration of webinar attendees into your CRM and/or marketing automation software for subsequent follow-up

Use the calculator below to discover the dollar value of EACH new customer it brings in.

When you do the math it’s easy to understand the true value of attracting and converting more prospects into customers from LinkedIn.

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