LinkedIn Content Marketing Service

LinkedIn Content Marketing Service

We create, publish and distribute high-quality custom LinkedIn content for your business.  This includes Articles, Posts, Updates, SlideShare decks and Webinars.

With over 467 million users and sophisticated targeting capabilities, LinkedIn is a perfect B2B content marketing platform to reach a large number of ideal prospects.

Sharing valuable and useful content on LinkedIn attracts, engages and generates qualified sales leads for your business.  Prospects that engage with your content pre-qualify themselves.  This significantly increases the quality of your sales leads and helps your team focus on the right potential buyers.

LinkedIn Content Marketing Service

We produce high-value content for you by:

  • Interviewing your key employees to extract their knowledge
  • Converting this knowledge into valuable LinkedIn Articles and SlideShares
  • Curating a pool of top-quality third party blog posts and articles for your Updates stream

This is far more efficient and cost-effective than hiring expensive technical writers to create content from scratch.  It eliminates long editing cycles and saves your executives the pain of becoming content creators.

We then publish and distribute this content widely across LinkedIn, including:

  • Your key employee LinkedIn Profiles
  • LinkedIn Company page
  • LinkedIn Groups
  • Direct Messages to network members
  • SlideShare
  • Team / co-worker sharing
  • Posting to your Updates stream

NOTE: You can further syndicate and repurpose the custom content we create to your company blog, social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc.) and company marketing materials (brochures, white papers, slide decks, etc.).

Why Content Marketing on LinkedIn Works

Publishing and distributing high quality content across LinkedIn creates a “virtuous cycle” that increases your targeted traffic, builds credibility, indoctrinates prospects and drives qualified buyers to your sales team.

LinkedIn rewards you for content marketing by boosting your team’s industry rankings and featuring your company and brand more prominently in search results.  This drives up your profile views and engagement from potential buyers — who then consume and share your content, further building your lead generation engine.

LinkedIn is an open sharing platform.  This means you can share content on LinkedIn with links to outside landing pages, webinars, videos, Excel files, white papers, ebooks, surveys and much more.

There are few limitations on syndicating content across LinkedIn, allowing you to build a wide content funnel to generate incoming leads.

Our copywriters create valuable content for you, then we distribute it widely across LinkedIn using multiple channels, reaching thousands of targeted B2B prospects for your business.

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