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Outbound B2B Email Lead Generation

EmailPro-logo-greyyell-250Email remains one of the most effective marketing and sales tools available. 98% of business decision-makers use email every day, making professional high-quality email campaigns a critical part of any B2B sales strategy.

Our EmailPRO™ Lead Generation Service is a white glove “done for you” outbound B2B email marketing service. We approach outbound email with a high-touch, high-value focus that engages your prospects in a personal and credible manner.

It is not enough to simply send emails and follow-ups. A scientific approach focused on value and credible personal engagement is needed to ensure your emails don’t go in the trash, or worse, get marked as spam. Email cuts both ways, and doing it wrong can lead to poor consequences for your business.

We spend significant time researching your prospects and their businesses. We then use this information to craft personalized email campaigns. This dramatically increases response rates, and starts your sales conversations off on the right foot.

What You Get

  • Targeted B2B Email List
  • Individual prospect research and list enrichment
  • Well-crafted personalized emails
  • Multi-touch automated email campaign with built-in behavioral rules
  • Warm leads delivered directly to your inbox for follow up
  • Dedicated URL to deliver emails (hosted for you)
  • Sophisticated email automation system designed specifically for outbound cold email, with detailed response tracking and analytics (hosted for you)

We take a low volume / high conversion rate approach to B2B email marketing. We send an average of 500-1000 personalized emails per month for our typical client.  This gives us time to invest in accurate targeting, research and personalization. We adjust/scale up the email volume based on the flow of qualified leads and discovery calls achieved.

How It Works

  • 1

    You give us your ideal target criteria and we build you a custom list of business emails that match.

    We use several high quality sources for this. All emails are "verified deliverable" business emails. The list size is scalable from 1,000 to 100,000+ according to your target market. We can include your internal prospect email list.

  • 2

    We set up and host your email infrastructure with the right technology.

    You DO NOT have to implement anything -- we do it all. You get a dedicated URL similar to your business URL, and a sophisticated email system with behavioral triggers, response tracking, A/B testing, reporting and analytics.

  • 3

    We research several pieces of relevant information on each person before we email them.

    This information is inserted into the email database and inserted in a natural way into emails. This is the "best of both worlds" by combining automation with personal variables that trigger engagement and positive responses.

  • 4

    We launch and run the email campaign, sending the positive responses to your inbox for follow-up.

    All activity is automatically tracked and reported. You "own the lead" and take charge of the sales process after we hand it off to you.

How Much is This Worth To My Business?

Your business benefits from:

  • A consistent flow of high-quality B2B sales discovery call “yes” responses delivered right to your email inbox
  • 3-10X increase in targeted traffic from ideal prospects on LinkedIn
  • A hyper-targeted small batch approach focused on high conversion rates
  • Scrubbed and verified lead data you can enter directly into your CRM for further sales follow-up

Use the calculator below to discover the dollar value of EACH new customer it brings in.

When you do the math it’s easy to understand the true value of attracting and converting more prospects into customers using outbound email.

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